Please allow this to serve as our unqualified recommendation on behalf of Bennett Braverman.

When our financial advisor moved out of the country and left us high and dry we weren’t sure what we were going to do. We attended a seminar back in the fall of 2004 hosted by a Boulder based financial advisor and Bennett Braverman.¬† We are ecstatic with the job our financial advisor has done for us. We were losing a lot of money and now all of our accounts are making money and are protected.

At the time of the seminar we had our estate planning in place. Or at least we thought we did. We had worked with a local attorney back in the late 80s and pretty much figured we were taken care of. Boy were we mistaken.

We finally decided to start working with Bennett in the fall of 2007, three years after we first met him! After many, many conversations with our financial advisor, we were just starting to feel like maybe the estate plan we had was not the best plan we “could” have. While our planning needs are not terribly complicated, there are some very specific things we need to make sure will happen and happen the exact way we want.

Bennett has done an absolutely wonderful job for us. He takes the time to listen to us, asks all the important questions and unlike our previous attorney, we have no question in our minds that Bennett always wants what’s best for us. No question whatsoever. And this past spring when we welcomed a new granddaughter into our lives, we called Bennett and sat down with him to make a few changes and updates to our plan.

In looking back, we have no idea why it took us three years to ask Bennett to work with us. But, now that we have the estate¬†plan we have, we know it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

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